Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a fantastic day so far!! I freaking LOVE the gym... sometimes that still sounds strange to hear myself say but it is so true... this morning even though I was running a bit late I had the best workout!! I once had a friend of mine tell me I needed to get into the free weight room... (aka the big scary "man" room) and now finally one of my favorite things at the gym has to be the free weight room.. it still scares me sometimes. I still feel like I might mess up (I HATE messing up in front of men!!) but if makes me feel so strong! Today I actually watched myself do a few of the exercises. For me that is HUGE, I am not a fan of mirrors at 5 am, in my gym uniform all sweaty and blotchy. :-p But it was cool, I actually saw the muscles in my neck and arms it was so awesome. I can't wait until I lose the rest of my weight and I feel comfortable in just a tank top at the gym I love seeing my muscles when they are working!

Speaking of gym uniform, I said I would explain that one day and today seems as good as any... when I first started working out I would grab the oldest ugliest clothes, the ones that were stretched out and bleach stained, you know, house cleaning clothes. I had a really bad day one day I felt extra gross, ugly, frumpy... I was getting up working out trying to make myself better, healthier.... and I felt like a homely, frumpy mommy! I would end my work out, walk by a mirror and it was so gross. That day I took $100 (that is a big investment to me) and I went looking for some cute but practical workout gear (this was when I was still over 200 so I opted for yoga pants. I went to target, I find they have the best fitting workout clothes, they wear great and they wash well, I bought 2 bottoms 2 sports bras (I bought the tank top type to hold the belly giggle in) and I found some cute tee shirts on the clearance rack for 2 bucks. That is still pretty much my uniform.. I have switched to tight fitting capri style pants (I find I can move better in them and they don't bunch up) and I found I can only workout in v necks, when I start working hard I can't have anything close to my neck it drives me nuts. So now when I go to the gym I look like I am there to workout, not clean the place! That is what works for me so that is my uniform. And it makes it easy, every night I get my pants, sports bra, a shirt and my socks lay them on the bathroom counter and literally from bed to door it only takes me 15 min in the morning, that includes putting on a little water proof mascara, and a little eye gel so my dark circles are not so dark, putting my eye drops (my eyes always look like the hooker on crack when I wake up that early ;) and of course checking facebook lol... I am just being honest.

Oh one more thing... I am not saying get black pants but just remember this, your ass will sweat too, light grey pants are very cute but the sweaty butt marks/crotch you see in them are not very cute! (I only wear black ones) I don't think there is much I dislike more than panty lines but sweaty panty lines top that! Also, a lot of workout clothes are see through when you bend over (I learned this the hard way at my first 5K) . I didn't know this. I just assumed black was ok... not the case, so bend over in the dressing room and make sure you can't see through your pants. I am lucky, I have a close friend check (you can use your hubby for this too but he will just tell you he can't tell so you end up touching your toes for 10 minutes while he checks out your booty ;-p) when I buy pants I make her look at my ass in different lights to make sure you can't see through them.

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