Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My 2nd 5K!!!

I am not a runner.. I really want to be a runner but I am not...I can run 1/4 mile and I feel like I am going to die...I know it is my head, I still have a ways to go and I am not calling myself an athlete here but, I workout usually around 2 hours a day so I am pretty fit. But as soon as I make myself run I freeze up, I run stiff. I think it is because I still have that "fat" mentality... everything jiggles well running or jumping just make me see everything in slow motion and it isn't pretty.

I ran my first 5K and did awesome (for me anyway) I ran it in a little over 30 min. But that was over a year ago and I felt like I was going to die for the next few days so I haven't run one again.
There is a big run here around St Patties day, I wasn't going to run it because I hadn't trained for it at all (if you ask me to run down the block I feel like I need to "train" a month or so before I can do it right) But last minute my girlfriend's husband had to work so I took his spot. I psyched myself out so bad, I was so afraid I wasn't going to make it in the allotted time. But I did, I don't know my time they haven't posted it yet BUT I know I made it in time. :D That was Sat morning.. and my ankle still hurts a bit today from that run but I did it. But it was my 2nd 5k and although I wasn't prepaired at all it is nice to be able to day I have run (yes I actually ran) multiple 5K's!! I know some runners and some marathoners and really, running 3.2 miles isn't a huge deal... but it is for me. And this weekend I made myself proud, again! ;)

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