Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whats for breakfast??

This morning I feel like I could eat a cow! I know the uploads from my phone are not the best but my internet is still down (from a storm we had last friday!) so this is the only way for me to show you.... This morning I'm having

Two egg whites, one whole egg scrambled
One Roma tomato sliced
3/4 cup raw spinach sauteed and drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar
And 1 baby bell light cheese....

I wanted 2 cream filled donuts and a pound of bacon!!! lol ;)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things

well a week off from my gym is making it hard to get back into the swing of things...staying up way too late, eating way too much of the stuff I shouldn't have....this morning kicked my butt!! Got my leg workout in though and thst always makes me feel better (I love working my legs) didn't make it through as much cardio as I wanted but I will make sure I get a run/walk in later today.

I REALLY need to go grocery shoping all I have to eat in this house is travel food...aka not good for you food!  I have no idea what is on the menu this week I'm far too exhausted to think about that right now. So I'll let you know when I know! Happy Monday!!!! (I think I'm going back to bed now) ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Going home

Going home is always hard for me, My mother was always so hard on us girls about our weight (even before we had weight problems!) My mother is out of my life now but going  home is still tough, I still very much live with her bashing in my head, the closer I get to my family the louder it gets! I find myself eating so much this week...:/

Friday, March 16, 2012

Weigh In Day

I hate stalling... but it happens. I have been stalled for a while now and Fridays (my weigh in day) the last few months have just pissed me off.... FINALLY this morning the stupid thing moved in the right direction. I know it isn't about the number but it is still hard when it doesn't move. The truth is, if I let myself stop every time I get discouraged I would still be sick. Still be obese.

I love this! It is so very true, it doesn't matter what you have done in the past as long as you are still able to move it is not too late to change your life!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Move Over $$$ Coffee Drinks!

Ok, so it isn't as sugary sweet, it isn't as high in calories, it isn't as expensive but I think it is just as satisfying as a Starbucks high calorie coffee drink. And it is a great snack that is packed with protein and has less calories than a can of pop, you can't beat it. I drink one (at least) just about every day.

1 Mug of cold coffee,
1 mug of ice
1 scoop of double chocolate protein powder (I like the Optimum nutrition brand)

Blend this up and you are good to go. If you are looking for a smaller blender the ninja is a great choice I love mine! It is small but powerful enough to work with the ice.

What's for lunch this week

Most weeks I try to pre cook so that I have fast "convenience" meals throw in the microwave for a minute and it is done. But this week most of my work is here at the house so I am taking advantage of being home most of the week and cooking for lunch. I still have a busy week but it takes no time to throw this lunch together... it is also a nice, easy, weekday dinner idea.

To make this super fast, healthy, easy lunch I place a piece of aluminum foil about the size of a cookie sheet on a cookie sheet. In the middle of the foil I put about a third of a bag of frozen green beans, a frozen flounder filet, a little sea salt and pepper and a shot of lemon juice. Close the foil up around the food seal it by twisting the edges and bake at 425 for about 20 min. This is only around 150 calories, so this isn't even enough food to call a meal. (I try to keep my meals between 300-400 calories) Today I had this with a protein coffee drink (130 calories) that leaves me a few extra calories for a little dessert ;) Maybe a peppermint patty...not sure yet but I want something chocolate so we will see ;)

Easy as pie.... start frozen.....
...20 minutes later... a light healthy lunch is served!

BTW you could do the same thing with chicken I am not a huge seafood fan but I do like this. I hope you have a healthy lunch today!

Yummy Snack!

Hey guys I found these at Wal-mart the other day, I haven't tried them in milk (I don't really let myself eat cereal and milk because I will eat the whole box in one sitting) But they are really yummy! And 1 serving is only 100 cal, but you get way more to munch then you do in the 100 cal cookie packs and these are nice and sweet, crunchy.... they really are a nice little snack just add a little protein. (I learned with my diabetes education that when you eat carbs you need to take in protein with it, it helps your body break down the carbs.)

My 2nd 5K!!!

I am not a runner.. I really want to be a runner but I am not...I can run 1/4 mile and I feel like I am going to die...I know it is my head, I still have a ways to go and I am not calling myself an athlete here but, I workout usually around 2 hours a day so I am pretty fit. But as soon as I make myself run I freeze up, I run stiff. I think it is because I still have that "fat" mentality... everything jiggles well running or jumping just make me see everything in slow motion and it isn't pretty.

I ran my first 5K and did awesome (for me anyway) I ran it in a little over 30 min. But that was over a year ago and I felt like I was going to die for the next few days so I haven't run one again.
There is a big run here around St Patties day, I wasn't going to run it because I hadn't trained for it at all (if you ask me to run down the block I feel like I need to "train" a month or so before I can do it right) But last minute my girlfriend's husband had to work so I took his spot. I psyched myself out so bad, I was so afraid I wasn't going to make it in the allotted time. But I did, I don't know my time they haven't posted it yet BUT I know I made it in time. :D That was Sat morning.. and my ankle still hurts a bit today from that run but I did it. But it was my 2nd 5k and although I wasn't prepaired at all it is nice to be able to day I have run (yes I actually ran) multiple 5K's!! I know some runners and some marathoners and really, running 3.2 miles isn't a huge deal... but it is for me. And this weekend I made myself proud, again! ;)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trying to get "skinny" is as absurd as trying to get "fat"!!!

I am sitting here watching Dr Oz show on dying to be thin. This breaks my heart! I think this world we live in is SHIT!!! Why are we so fucked up over our image in the mirror?? Yes, I am trying to lose weight, and yes, I like being able to shop in the "normal" stores, finally after so many years of not being able to. But NEVER t0 be skinny!! I hope if you read this and you take any advice from what I am doing you are only doing it to help yourself get healthy, at 5'4 over 220 lbs with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes... I was unhealthy. I get up and work out because I want to be healthy. I watch what I eat because I want to be healthy. To me "skinny" is as ugly of a word as anything!

My heart breaks for these women. I watched as this woman said "I look in the mirror and I don't know how I let it get this far" that is where I was only on the other end of the spectrum! I am not bashing these women, I understand that this is an illness, same as when I would binge until I was sick.

Trying to get "skinny" is as absurd as trying to get "fat"!!! Skinny isn't sexy! Bones are not sexy! A strong healthy woman.... now that is sexy! The roundness of breasts, the fullness of thighs, and heck even the roundness of a tummy on a woman's body is all sexy. If you are using my weight loss as inspiration to get "skinny" go away! I am serious! I want to be the healthiest me I can be. I want you to be the healthiest you that you can be. I want all of us moms to get off of the couch, move our bodies and find ourselves again!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little swaps=big changes!

You don't put it on overnight you can't take it off overnight... that's true it isn't easy to get it off but I have learned that little swaps help... these are two breakfast sandwiches ham, egg and cheese on english muffin but... one is

320 calories 15.5 grams of fat and only 1 gram of fiber... the other...
190 calories 3.5 grams of fat and a whopping 8 grams of fiber!

The swaps, the first one we have a regular english muffin, a whole egg, 1 slice of turkey (lunch meat, just think of what it would be if we added sausage!) 1 slice of American cheese

the other we have the light multi grain english muffin (8 grams of fiber... keeps you feeling fuller longer) an egg white, same slice of turkey as on the other, and in place of the sliced cheese I have a wedge of laughing cow garlic and herb cheese. I tried this one day and I was so happy with it... it is very good with the egg. I also have spinach on mine, but I didn't add it into the nutritional info cause I know not everyone likes spinach. This is my breakfast all week this week... I have a busy week ahead of me and I need something fast and easy. I nook this sucker, I cook the egg with the spinach and ham 30 sec, flip 30 more sec and you are done toast up the muffin spread the cheese on and you are good to go.

And the mornings when I am very hungry I add a grapefruit to it (100 calories) or I will make 2 open faced sandwiches half the ham in one egg white, half in the other I get to eat 2 for only 35 calories more! Think about this, I can have 2 open faced sammies, and a whole grapefruit for the same 320 calories that you will eat in the one "regular" sandwich! And I promise you, you can make this faster that you can go through the drive through and buy one at Mc Donalds! AND it tastes way better!
What a fantastic day so far!! I freaking LOVE the gym... sometimes that still sounds strange to hear myself say but it is so true... this morning even though I was running a bit late I had the best workout!! I once had a friend of mine tell me I needed to get into the free weight room... (aka the big scary "man" room) and now finally one of my favorite things at the gym has to be the free weight room.. it still scares me sometimes. I still feel like I might mess up (I HATE messing up in front of men!!) but if makes me feel so strong! Today I actually watched myself do a few of the exercises. For me that is HUGE, I am not a fan of mirrors at 5 am, in my gym uniform all sweaty and blotchy. :-p But it was cool, I actually saw the muscles in my neck and arms it was so awesome. I can't wait until I lose the rest of my weight and I feel comfortable in just a tank top at the gym I love seeing my muscles when they are working!

Speaking of gym uniform, I said I would explain that one day and today seems as good as any... when I first started working out I would grab the oldest ugliest clothes, the ones that were stretched out and bleach stained, you know, house cleaning clothes. I had a really bad day one day I felt extra gross, ugly, frumpy... I was getting up working out trying to make myself better, healthier.... and I felt like a homely, frumpy mommy! I would end my work out, walk by a mirror and it was so gross. That day I took $100 (that is a big investment to me) and I went looking for some cute but practical workout gear (this was when I was still over 200 so I opted for yoga pants. I went to target, I find they have the best fitting workout clothes, they wear great and they wash well, I bought 2 bottoms 2 sports bras (I bought the tank top type to hold the belly giggle in) and I found some cute tee shirts on the clearance rack for 2 bucks. That is still pretty much my uniform.. I have switched to tight fitting capri style pants (I find I can move better in them and they don't bunch up) and I found I can only workout in v necks, when I start working hard I can't have anything close to my neck it drives me nuts. So now when I go to the gym I look like I am there to workout, not clean the place! That is what works for me so that is my uniform. And it makes it easy, every night I get my pants, sports bra, a shirt and my socks lay them on the bathroom counter and literally from bed to door it only takes me 15 min in the morning, that includes putting on a little water proof mascara, and a little eye gel so my dark circles are not so dark, putting my eye drops (my eyes always look like the hooker on crack when I wake up that early ;) and of course checking facebook lol... I am just being honest.

Oh one more thing... I am not saying get black pants but just remember this, your ass will sweat too, light grey pants are very cute but the sweaty butt marks/crotch you see in them are not very cute! (I only wear black ones) I don't think there is much I dislike more than panty lines but sweaty panty lines top that! Also, a lot of workout clothes are see through when you bend over (I learned this the hard way at my first 5K) . I didn't know this. I just assumed black was ok... not the case, so bend over in the dressing room and make sure you can't see through your pants. I am lucky, I have a close friend check (you can use your hubby for this too but he will just tell you he can't tell so you end up touching your toes for 10 minutes while he checks out your booty ;-p) when I buy pants I make her look at my ass in different lights to make sure you can't see through them.

Friday, March 2, 2012

looks slightly pathetic I know (my spinach was bad, so I didn't have any color on the sammy) works. 275 calories...thats a lot of food for under 300 calories!

These are a few of my favorite things....;)

I'm making my breakfast this morning and I wanted to share this with ya...these are my absolute favorite English muffins, they have 8 grams of fiber!!!!  I use them for everything, breakfast sandwiches, quickie pizzas, tuna or ham are awesome on these toasted up. This morning  I'm doing one egg white, 1 slice of ham and a little spinach (if it hasn't gone bad :/ )  and I want it cheesy so I'm going to smear one wedge of laughing cow light garlic and herb cheese on it :D