Friday, May 4, 2012

What is it about numbers that get us so worked up?

I went shopping yesterday...I rarely go shopping for clothes where I don't feel defeated. I love that I can shop in the "normal" stores but yet when I am in these "normal" stores I am still obsessed about what number is on the tag... what sizes I think should fit but don't. I was in tears yesterday while I was out shopping for a pair of shorts... I am apple shaped, I carry all of my weight around my middle so the size that fits my butt and hips doesn't fit my middle and visa versa... I get a lot of slack for wearing my jeans/ shorts too tight.. the truth is if they are going to fit me they have to be stretch.. that means yes, they are going to hug my butt, thighs...anyway... I let this shopping trip ruin my day. I went to bed feeling a failure. I woke up feeling the same way.

But when I was at the gym this morning I realized something... something that in this moment makes me feel a little better (I can not promise that the next time I go looking for clothes I am not still going to break down because something doesn't fit) Here are a few numbers that remind me of how awesome I am! ;-p I hope one day these numbers scream louder in my head than the ones that I beat myself up over!

60           Number of pounds lost (that I have been able to track)
60-120    Number of minutes that I work out 5 days a week (not counting weekends)
150         Number of pounds I leg press 5 sets of 20, 3 days a week (this number makes me feel a
                bit like a bad ass! ;)
48           Number of lunges I do 3 days a week
2             Days a week that I workout  the free weight room
                (a room that I was terrified of just a few months ago) 
4.3          My A1C  a number that was at 9 when I was diagnosed with diabetes

So the next time I get caught up in the numbers on the tag I hope I can remember these numbers. Oh wait there is one more very important one...

35        The age I was when I got my wake up call and changed my life!

I like the way THESE numbers make me feel!

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