Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am not really a fan of exercise classes, I am uncoordinated, I have no rhythm  (unless I have been drinking then you should see how good I dance :p) I have a really bad habit of twisting my ankle when I do classes. I worry about keeping up and I end up hurting myself. I should steer clear of them, I know, but sometimes you want something fun to do, different. I have been going to a zumba class on and off with a girlfriend.. I do not always enjoy it, I think I laugh and stand there confused more then anyone in the class but it is a workout (sort of, more so if you can keep up) so I do it. And it is good girl talk time and we all need a little girl talk time!

My trouble area is my tummy.. I say "tummy" cause it makes it sound way more adorable then it actually is lol I know you can not spot reduce, I think trying to do that will lead to failure. I also know that if you work every part of you except one part you will be weaker there... that is what I have been doing...I have this belly that I HATE but I don't work it much, hell after a few sets of crunches I am burning, I feel weak so in my ignorance/stubbornness I don't work it like I should.

One of my favorite things about my gym time is I DO feel strong. I love that I can leg press right along side of the men, so I work the heck out of my legs...I have been working out all of me, all of me that is, except the part of me I hate the most. So Monday I took a straight up full ab class...HOLY HELL it is Wednesday evening and I still feel the burn! They offer it three days a week.. I am going to shoot for 2 days a week until I stop dying so much. I will go again on friday... oh just putting that out there, knowing I have to hold myself to it now is a little nauseating. I don't like classes, but I hate this stand still more. On friday from 11:30-12:00 Central time send up a prayer.. actually at about 11:45 when we get to the half way mark and I want to run away lol  I think in order to get to where I want to be, I have to make sure I stay uncomfortable.. so that is what I am going to do.. zumba, ab class... whatever else I can find that is uncomfortable and a little miserable. ;)

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