Monday, April 23, 2012

what to eat this week?!?

I want a steady diet of fried chicken and onion rings this week... I don't know if it is hormonal or the abundant amount of stress I have been under as of late but I have been craving all the stuff I shouldn't eat! I am sitting here today after killing myself at the gym this morning and I am fighting the urge to go get junk food :/ But I will be damned if I am going to eat a lunch that is going to void out the calories I burnt this morning!

I am headed out to the store to buy groceries and I am keeping the thought in mind that if I go buy salad and soup it is not going to be satisfying this week. for lunch I am going to make crunchy chicken fingers today (baked with panko bread crumbs) with honey mustard dip (just a light bottled dressing) and some zucchini chips (thin slices of zucchini dipped in panko bread crumbs and baked till crunchy) this should satisfy my junk food craving without eating out and taking in 1500 calories in one meal! And I am going to make bacon chicken wraps for the rest of the week... a little bacon makes the world a better place ;) so I will take a few sliced cut them up very small... then cook onion and chicken breast in the same pan as the bacon (I will toss all the fat first but not clean the pan that way I get the flavors) then I can just through this on a light tortilla the rest of this week and it will feel more like a junky indulgent meal (it is after all bacon!)

I am also making sure I have a few items on hand this week since I already know it will be a hard week....
sunflower seeds (salty and crunchy)
sugar free Twizzlers
and one small bag of kettle cooked chips because this week I am absolutely letting myself have them! But if I get the individual bag I can hide it until I am about to lose my mind then I can get that and a diet coke and feel like I am having a sneaky splurge! ;) And who doesn't like a sneaky splurge?!?

Man I feel like my weigh in this friday is going to piss me off... I hope that I can maintain this weight at least. I need the scale to move down, it is getting very hard... but some weeks you have to step back and realize that it is ok to have a hard week... not to give up but to have a hard week. My plan is to try to get in two workouts every day this week just to help with the stress... I do feel the weight of the world lifting off my shoulders when I am working out, and I really need the weight off my shoulders this week! Wish me luck! I am off to get my fake out junk food ;)

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